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Vintage Aroma candles are a decadent treat just for you and your home.  All candles are 140z soy candles with an approximate burn time of 80 hours.  The most intoxicating fragrances on the market, they will fill your home with amazing aromas.  Try a few but only if you are prepared to be a fan for life.  We have an everyday collection and a holiday collection.  So many of them will bring back lost memories of sweet days long ago.  Enjoy.

Everyday Vintage Aroma

Fresh fragrances for you to enjoy all through the year.  Experience aromas like Front Porch, High Cotton and 1920's Barber Shop to name just a few. (click here to shop)

Holiday Vintage Aroma

Fill your heart and home with reminisent scents of days gone by.  You will love them all but be sure to try Walk in the Woods, Autumn Afternoon and Christmas Memories. (click here to shop)